Monday, June 9, 2014

Mobile Safety Apps help Locate your Children when they're in Danger

Do you have a child in elementary, high school or college that walks or takes the bus to/from school? How often do you contact them to check if they've arrived safely at school?

Student and campus safety has always been a top priority for parents, schools and students. However, threats, bullying and violent actions are still increasing across schools nationwide. Last year we had the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history at Sandy Hook Elementary School of Newtown Connecticut. Just recently there was a shooting at Seattle Pacific University, with one dead and at least three injured. Furthermore, another mass shooting occured a few weeks ago with a number of students killed and injured near the University of California Santa Barbara.

Another recent story by Newswatch 16 reports of a man approaching children who were walking alone to Heights Elementary School, offering drugs and threatening to kidnap them.

How would you feel if your son, daughter or friend were at these schools at the time of a shooting, or being threatened by a stranger on their way to school? Do you want to be alerted if they are ever in danger and need help?

MobiLifestyle offers several mobile safety and security applications so that children, parents, students and campus police can stay connected to each other during emergencies, when their child's personal safety is being threatened, or when they are caught in other dangerous situations and want to know where their current location is.

Help Me Here

Have you, your children or your loved ones ever been in a critical situation where immediate assistance was needed?

With the push of a button on the Smartphone, Help Me Here sends emergency text message alerts to up to 10 emergency contacts when your child or loved one needs help. The alert will show the an address and a link to a map of their current location. Help Me Here is especially useful if your child is in a critical situation, in an accident or is feeling threatened by another person.

Click Here to Download Help Me Here.

Parent Patrol

Do you want to know when your loved one or child has arrived safely at school, work, a friend’s house or other locations? Do you want to know when they leave a designated location before they were supposed to?

Parent Patrol gives you updated notifications of where they are when they leave the designated area. You can create a virtual boundary (or “safe zone”) for your child to stay within, then receive alerts immediately on your phone when your child leaves or enters that virtual boundary. Location updates are periodically sent to up to 10 contacts including parents.

Whether your child is in elementary school, high school or college/university, Parent Patrol can help parents stay informed of their child's whereabouts.

Click Here to Download Parent Patrol.


Do you want to keep track of your friends and family? What if you're meeting up for a party or social gathering at night and want real-time updates as to where and when your friends will arrive?

Friends and family can instantly keep track of each other (e.g. while travelling) with the tap of a button. With LocateShare, you can send invitations to family and friends to join your tracking group. Once they accept the invitation, both parties can view each other's current location on a map in real-time, so you know if they are safely on the way to their destination.

Click Here to Download LocateShare.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

TeenSafer helps Distracted Teen Drivers keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road

How many drivers have you witnessed texting, calling or holding their phone while driving? How would you feel if you or your family members were in the vehicle of a distracted driver?

There has been an accelerating number of accidents caused by teens using their mobile phone while driving. Have you heard the frequent news articles involving teens in fatal crashes? A recent story from TWC News reports that a Union County teenager aged 17 was killed in a wreck, likely due to texting while driving.

Do you have a teenage child and want to stop them from texting or calling while driving? Are you worried that they might hurt or injure themselves or others? Parents are asking these questions all the time, and do not believe that their child is distracted while driving until it happens to them.

What if this happens to you or your child?

TeenSafer app blocks the driver's phone when they are driving.
One solution to combat this problem is TeenSafer, an Android application that helps to prevent teens from texting, calling and using other apps while driving by locking their phone once the vehicle is moving. It is currently available for download on Google Play.

With TeenSafer, drivers will only see a "lock" screen that prevents them from using the phone until the vehicle comes to a stop. In case of emergency, drivers will have access to one Emergency contact (such as 911) and two customized contacts such as mom and dad. If the phone needs to be unblocked at any time, a parent or app "Administrator" can remotely unblock it indefinitely or for a set period of time through the Web portal online.

If you are also worried about your teen street racing or speeding, TeenSafer can also monitor their approximate speed and current location using GPS technology. Parents or app "Administrators" can set a speed limit to monitor how fast their teen is driving. When the set speed limit is exceeded, a text message will be sent to the parent notifying them of their teen driver's current speed and location. Speed and location reports can also be viewed on their account on the Web Portal.

Click here to Download TeenSafer for your child or loved one and help them keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.