All forms of distraction while driving compromise the safety of the driver, passengers such as children, friends and loved ones, bystanders and other surrounding drivers. The dangers of using mobile phones while driving have especially become a widespread issue, with many laws enforced across the world to help prevent distracted driving.

With such dangers it has become our goal to increase awareness of this issue and offer safer mobile solutions to help prevent distracted driving. Mobilifestyle's Distracted Driving blog shares news and information related to distracted driving, helpful safety tips for families and more. Our mobile applications are not only easy and simple to use but also abide by local regulations and safety.

About MobiLifestyle

MobiLifestyle offers mobile safety and security applications to help keep you, your family and your data safe and secure. Our applications are available on Android with iPhone coming soon.

Are you concerned for your child or loved one’s safety? Do you want to keep track of their location in real-time? Are you worried that your child will use their phone for calling or texting while driving? Want to lock and find your phone if it is lost or stolen? MobiLifestyle offers mobile solutions to all of these issues so that families can have peace of mind and protection. View and download our applications here.